Sunday, October 2, 2011


So about a month ago I cleaned up my room DRAMATICALLY! I cleared all the junk i had piled up in my room and just reorganized everything. Along with reorganizing/redecorating i had to buy some new stuff to add some spice to new improved room! Ever since i cleaned out my room i'm just always thinking about ideas on how to redecorate my room. It's like a new obsession! (uh-oh) so i went to buy some storage to put majority of my stuff away. I'm not done yet. i have plenty more things I want to buy to redecorate my room, but i'm slowly adding little at a time. :D

Here are a few things i picked up at the Container Store that helped me reorganized some stuff. ^^
^My jewelry stands. I bought two (one in the back) cuz i realized I have too many necklaces & bracelets to fit on one. lol plus it was on sale yay!^^My nailpolish rack (aka spice rack) to hold most of my nailpolish & my brush holder that I made myself. :D^^My New Drawers where i put my makeup & other misc. things^^Lastly, i got this lipstick holder which holds 12 lipsticks total i loves it!^

That's all the interesting purchases I got for my room oh and some scented candles. I love scented candles! I light them up in my room almost everyday~

That's all for now ^________^

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