Thursday, April 21, 2011

Such a nice day today!

For the past few days has been totally shitty lately with nothing but rain, snow & clouds.. =( but today was actually quite decent with clear skies and sunshine. I only went out to do errands & past by walgreens just to shop and pick up some makeup like always. lol I like what I bought though!I wanted to try this out becuz it's suppose to volumize my hair & i really need that since my hair at the top is so flat. lol I tried it & my boyfriend said it looks the same. =/ bleh. i'll keep trying with it. lolA blush in "heather silk" & a bronzer in "Goddess" from Wet & Wild. they are pretty pigmented! i like them =) The texture is smooth when i swatched themI heard good reviews about this mascara & I gotta say it's pretty damn lengthening lol! not so much volumizing on my eyelashes though just lengthening, which I NEED since my eyelash are so short. =(I really wanted a lipstick that gave a purplish undertone and I honestly think this lipstick is so pretty! It's Revlon super lustrous lipstick in "Berry". It's a real berry color if you're looking for something that is berry or just like berries in general like me. lolLastly, here is a picture of me trying on all the products I bought. lol Sorrie for the bad quality. I tried to fix it with photoshop, but it still kinda blurry. But yeh, you could see how lengthening the mascara is on my eyelashes & the berry lipstick doesn't show quite well in the camera but in real life, trust me it's kinda purple. lol I tried the blush which you could kinda see and a little bit of bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks barely noticeable. I also tried the hairspray but eh. lol

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Haul

Hi everyone!

Here is a little fashion show of the clothes I purchased from forever 21 & hollister! I've been loving their clothes lately. They have a lot of off the shoulder shirts and crop tops. I love that look! It's so comfy and cute looking for the summer and spring. Also, I'm a massive bow freak so when i see bows i have to get it! lol. Enjoy!

sparkly grey top with rhinestones all over except the back, with black skinny jeans, & black mini heel flat.
shirt from hollister with bows near the v-neck! so cute
shirt with bows everywhere! too cute! with a bow necklace also from forever 21 =)
similar to the first shirt with the rhinestones all over in the front but off the shoulder!
this shirt is a see through material crop top that is off the shoulder. Originally it wasn't a crop top, it was much longer but I put it in the wash and it shrunk into a crop top. lol it still worked out fine. ^^ also underneath is a simple black tank top with frills on the strap.

I hope you like my little fashion haul!
Thanks for reading!

oh & my nails atm =)
It's so cute! i love it~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini Mac!

Went to the mac cosmetics store a couple of weeks ago and purchased a little bit of make up. I'm really loving their eyeshadows, lipsticks, and paint pots! I still need to get some other products from them to try!
It seems that a lot of people are loving the lipstick from mac called "Creme Cup" which is a cremesheen lipstick and it's suppose to be moisturizing on the lips.
I love the color! It's so pretty, but it really shows my lip lines when i put it on & you need really need moisturized lips to make it look nice. Iono why but my lips have so much lines on it and it gets chapped easily... If anyone knows a really good lip balm that helps smooths out my lips please let me know! I'd like to try it out.

Another item I picked up was mac's paint pot in "bare study"
it's sooooo pretty. omg. i love putting it on my eyes. It just gives your eyeshadows the slightest sparkle or shine. I've been wearing it almost everyday since i got it. i'm definitely loving it.

Here swatches of the two:
"Bare study" (top) & "Creme Cup" (bottom)

hope you enjoyed reading!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skin 79 B.B Cream review!

Hi ladies!

I've been using the Skin 79 B.B cream for about 2 weeks now almost everyday, and I absolutely love it.
The texture of the B.B cream is so light and smooth, which makes the application so smooth. I use my fingers to apply this B.B cream, and it blends very nicely into my skin. I haven't tried with a brush because I think using your fingers is so much faster & it works really well. No need dirty to a brush. =) Also, B.B creams aren't made to have full coverage like a MAC Studio Fix Foundation. It's like a tinted moisturizer but better in my opinion because it has properties that help your skin. This B.B cream has about medium coverage, which I think is pretty good! I just go in with concealer afterward on my problem areas. Unfortunately, for this B.B cream there is only one shade of color, and if you're light/medium skin tone it might work out for you. However, even if you're a little more on the medium skin tone, I think you could dust some bronzer on your face to make it match your skin tone better or use a powder foundation around the face. It could work too. ^^ This B.B cream also oxidizes on your skin after a little while, which makes it look slightly darker than when you freshly put on. Also, this B.B cream has whitening, anti-winkle, and UV Protection of SPF 25 PA++ properties, which is really good for your skin! It has SPF which helps protect your skin from the sun. Also, the best part I love about this B.B cream is that it whitens any dark spots. I have lots of acne scars on my forehead and cheeks & omg... It really has reduce the dark scars very well for me. I've noticed that it has gotten a lot better and less noticeable. And of course I don't know about anti-winkle cuz I'm too young to get wrinkles! lol But overall, I really like this B.B cream. It's nice to have when you just don't want to have so much stuff on your face and is always on the go.

My skin before with nothing on:
My skin after applying the B.B Cream:
what you think? =)

Thanks for reading!<33333333333333