Monday, March 28, 2011

Asian Cosmetics

I FINALLY got my hands on some dolly wink products which I LOVE cuz of the packaging. It's soo cute! =) I purchased the brown pencil eyeliner, the eyeshadow quad in 01 brown, & My beauty diaries masks pack. The boyfriend bought me the Skin 79 Triple Function B.B cream and the dolly wink liquid eyeliner. <3

I already tried all the products and I'm obsessed with the dolly wink eyeliner! It was the only liquid eyeliner that has lasted on my oily eyelids without any smudges! FREAKING LUBBERZ! <3 lol I've tried many different liquid and gel liners and they all end up smudging on my eyelid fold because I have monolids and it drives me nuts, makes me look like i have a black eye with my eyeliner on my water line running too. lol i haven't found an eyeliner that lasts on my water line yet though.. the dolly wink pencil smudges a bit but not as bad as other eyeliners, so not bad. I'll do a comparison post one day.

Loves the eyeshadows too because it's pretty colors and pigmented and of course cute packaging! eeps! <3 I always appreciate the cute details on the packages because when I like whip it out, it's like OHH CUTE packaging and i'm like I know rightttt? ^___^ haha i'm such a dork. but yeh. I love everything I have purchased so far and will do reviews on them in more detail later. Thanks for reading!