Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makeup Faves at the moment!

So lately I've been loving two makeup products! I use these products everyday and they are definitely a must have for me. I highly recommend these two who don't want to spend so much money on high end make up.

This first one I love is Maybelline "The Falsies" Mascara.

Although on youtube, I've seen a few makeup guru's not impressed with it, but I think it works wonders for me if you put it on right and I have really short stubby eyelashes!

Here is the difference it makes for me:

It made a huge difference for me and it looks like i do have falsies! XD

To apply them:

1) I used a mascara guard which helps protect your lids from the mascara and helps you get all the lashes close from the roots.

2) I put on another coat of the mascara without the mascara guard and as I put on the second coat I gently lifted my lashes up to make it look longer.

3) After I let it dry for a bit, I used my eyelash curler and curl them again lifting my eyelash curler up a little so it really opens up the lashes to make them up really long! You should do this a few times until you are satisfied on how it looks. =)

And thats all it takes! ^^

My second product i'm loving is the Maybelline "Dream Mousse Concealer" and my shade is in medium.

This stuff is amazing! The feeling of it is like whipped cream and it conceals my dark circles so well. It's better to apply with your fingers so it warms it up and gives you a more smooth finish. It's definitely buildable and it give you a really airbrushed finish. It doesn't leave you looking cakey or flakey either. I love it so much. It's one of the best concealers i ever used and it's cheap too! It was only $5 i believe..? It's a good alternative for MUFE concealers which are $30.

But yeh, thats what i wanted to share and I recommend these two cheap products!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Little Birthday Haul!

Hello there!

My first post is going to be a mini haul! Yay! I think my favorite thing to watch on youtube is haul videos. I just love seeing what cute things people buy, which makes me want to buy things. lol I know it's so bad for me. I honestly blame my bff for getting me into all this youtube shiznitz. =P


It was my birthday not that long ago and I just turned 21! woohoo! I'm finally legal. haha. I got some really awesome presents from friends, family, and boyfriend. It was really sweet of them to get me presents. I felt really special!

The first thing I got was a pair of awesome running shoes from my brother!

They custom fitted to my feet so I could feel really comfortable when running or jogging. I really love them! When I run in them, it feels like I'm running on pillows or something. lol I plan to use them often to jog and try to lose weight! yer yer yer! The next thing I got was a card nice card from my sister but i was too lazy to take a picture of it. lol it was really pretty though.

Then my wifey aka as my other bff got me a "sonia kashuk" limited edition pink brush set and it came in a really cute pink clutch. I really love the fluffy blush brush in there. So cute! She also got me a jumbo lip smacker. LOL I was like this is gonna last me foreverr! I love it. =) plus it's strawberry flavor and i lovee anything strawberries. Also, my other friend got me a cute little hello kitty key chain thing that had candies!

Here is a really cute Hello Kitty Purse I got from my other bff and I think this purse is so cute! =) It's really roomie inside that it could hold lots of things and the handle is really medium length and sturdy. I really love it. I love hello kitty and anything cute in general. haha She wrapped it all nicely in a bag with tissue paper and everything. It was the sweetest thing. =)

The next 3 presents I got were from my wonderful boyfriend. =) I lubberz him so much! He got me 2 BUBBI SHIRTS! One is called I+U=<3 and the YOU MAKE ME SMILE shirts. They are really comfy and soft. They can also be worn off the shoulders which looks really cute and trendy. I honestly love these shirts. It's even more awesome that I got them from BUBBI! I adore bubzbeauty. She is my all time fave make up guru on youtube. She was the first one I watched. =)


Lastly, I got this GORGEOUS and SPARKLY bracelet from him! It's from DSK Jewelry and I'm just absolutely in love with it. Long story is that I had a similar bracelet that looked like this but without the green crystals, but I lost it somewhere and I dont know where it went. I left in the bathroom & poof gone when i came back. I came to the conclusion that it probably fell in the toilet and went down the holeee... yeh.. I was really upset & bummed about it... But since my boyfriend didn't want me to be sad anymore he offered to buy me another one and he ended up buying a new custom made one! Isn't he the sweetest?! AH! I love it so much.. I wear it everyday and i'm never taking it off again! It's soo pretty and sparkly in the sun..

That is all for my little mini birthday haul! It was really sweet of everyone to get me a present and I love everything! Yay! Okay that's all for now. =)

♥ Vanda



This is going to be my personal fun blog that I could post pictures of hauls, my outfits, kawaii, and just random girly things I do for fun. =) This is probably something I'd do on my free time and just basically anything I want to share. We'll see how this goes. lol