Monday, February 28, 2011

New China Glaze Crackle

I was so excited to try the china glaze crackle becuz it has so many different colors which drew me into it compared to the opi shatter where they only had black. I got it at my local Sally's beauty supplies and the one near my house were really almost sold out of it. =( I only got my hands on the dark purple one called "Fault Line" It's really pretty but i had my heart set on the mint green color. so sad they didnt have it. sob! I might try other sally's beauty supplies stores to see if they have other colors. I'm determined to get the mint green one! lol overall, I thought it was pretty cool! I liked how it shattered instantly and the color is so pretty. =) I added glitter on top of the shatter nail polish and it looks gorgeous!

Here is what it looks like on my nails. I put it over China Glaze "Light as air"

It looks like imma claw someone. lol iono why i posed my fingers like that. XD

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

My thoughts about the MAC foundation I bought was that it was not for me. The best thing about this foundation is that it had REALLY good coverage and it matched my skin tone really well! It made me skin look amazing, but I just didn't like the smell of it and when I put it on my skin, I felt itchy right away. Then afterwards I started getting small breakouts. I guess for me it didn't react well as I hoped... =( My skin type is combination where my T-Zone is very oily but my cheeks and around the nose is very dry. I ended up returning it to MAC and they were very nice and the refund transaction was smooth. They accepted it with no problem. Overall, I was so sad that it didnt work well with my skin.. I was hoping it would! lol but it's okay. Time to go hunt for a new foundation for me. =)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Shopping is a stress reliever for me. lol It's so bad. I spent time with my BFF that I have not hung out with in so long! I missed her. =( but anyways we went shopping and I got so many cute things!


I finally got my hands on some MAC cosmetics. I've always wanted to try it, so I bought myself the studio fix fluid foundation in NC30 and Woodwinked. I really like the coverage of the foundation so much, but i'm so worried it might break me out cuz alot of people broke out from it. Everytime I apply it my face feels a bit itch shortly after, but i haven't really broken out that bad. I might continue to use it a little more and see. I love my woodwinked eyeshadow. It's amazing and so pretty! I love the golden sheen it gives to my eyelids! I can't wait to go back and get more eyeshadows. I'm also going to get myself a lipstick as well and blush or gloss. I haven't decided yet. =)

Went to Charlotte Russe and got these really cute rings!..

they remodeled the whole place and have new stuff and i just love that store so much! they definitely made their clothes and accessories much cuter! They have so many bows and i love bows hence why I got the gold bow connector ring. It's so adorable! me and BFF both got the wing ring together. =) I love it.

I also went to forever21 and got the cutest jacket and the color is magenta as well a cute striped shirt with bow details in the back. Very adorable and unique. Wearing them together matches very well. =)

I also purchased some small beauty products =)...

NYC Nailpolishes: Starry Silver Glitter, Manhattan, Canal Street, Park Ave

I have Park Ave on my nails at the moment. I really like it a lot!

New Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in "Orchid", Revlon Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner in "Noir", Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil eyeliner in "pure white"

Oh! I also found a neat tip for rings. If you have a fake ring that makes your fingers green and gets discolored, all you have to do is take a top coat nailpolish and paint the ring area inside and out. Then let it dry and that is it! you could wear it now without it making your fingers green or discoloration! =) I hope it helped!

That's all! Thanks for reading^^