Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ulta & Target Haul, Texas Souvenirs, & Nails!

I hung out with my friend today! Went to Ulta bought the things I wanted to try for the longest time such as the oscar brandi dry shampoo, garnier eye roller renewal which is suppose to help depuff and reduce eye circles and stila palette that was only $10! but I bought it as a gift for my friend. It's called fabulous in fiji. They are so cute. I want to collect all of them. lol Then went to target and found a new toner from Boots Organic. It looked promising because it had natural ingredients like rosemary and amazonian clay. It helps tighten pores and reduce oils which I desperately need cuz my pores are huge! bleh.. lol oh and i got another EOS lip balm. Everyone always asks me or thinks it's an egg when i use it. lol but i tell them it's a lip balm and they think it's so neat. =)

My friend got me cute little souvenirs from Texas. They are adorable. =) especially the little alamo figure. XD

Lastly, my nail art design for the week. lol

I cant wait to try out my new products that i got =) i hope they work for me!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Collective Make-up & Misc Haul =)

It's been awhile! :)

I've been into make-up so much lately! All I think about is wanting make-up. It's such an expensive addiction. lol but i've mostly stuck to drugstore make-up lately because they are just as good quality as high end. =) However, I'm trying to save my money for more high end make-up like NARS! I've been wanting to get NARS cosmetics for awhile and some mac cosmetics too. =) but I'm poor so i'm saving money. lol

I'm also into bows alot too. lol This bag was from Target for only $16.99. It was on clearance. I also got some jeggings for $13. yay for deals! <3

These necklaces are from my trip to Canada! They were from a store called Ardenes. They had a deal of buy 3 for $15.

I also got these from Canada! Rimmel Lash Accelerator, Rimmel's lipstick in "airy fairy" and Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in "soft nude". When I was in Canada I tried looking all over for the Lash Accelerator in many different stores and I ended up finding it at the brand new big WAL-Mart they just opened recently. lol

Swatches of Rimmel lipstick "Airy Fairy" (left) & Revlon lipstick "Soft Nude" (right) my favorite is the airy fairy so pretty on the lips!

I got two lipglosses. The loreal infalliable lip plumping lipgloss in "Plumped Plum" & the NYX mega shine lipgloss in "Sweetheart". I like the infallible lipgloss because it's the color of my lip but it makes my lip really glossy and pretty and it lasts long. The nyx lipgloss smells so yummy, but you have to have really smooth soft lips for the color to work on you. I tend to have chapped lips alot and when i put it on you could see the dryness. lol

Swatches. loreal infallible lipgloss in "Plumped Plum" (left) & Nyx maga shine lipgloss in "Sweetheart" (right)

Korean Face Masks! A wonderful Flickr friend sent me these to try. =)The Green Tea mask is suppose to make your face feel clean & clear. The Honey one is to keep your face moisturized and elastic. =)

I'm soo interested in asian make up! I've been wanting the asian drugstore cosmetics such as canmake, majolica majora, dolly wink, k-pallete, etc. ahh! I wish I lived near stores that sell these! I know in california there are stores that sell those products! I wish i lived in cali sometimes cuz of the great asian goodies they have over there. lol