Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm so excited!~

Today, was so gloomy and cloudy with rain and I had class from 8am till 7pm... I felt like crappp! I have so many midterms and assignments I have to do which doesn't really help either. oh wells. I have one more semester of University and i'm done! yay so excited! Oh, also i fell asleep in the library today while studying for operations research. I never done that before. lol It was a very awkward but refreshing feeling at the same time.


Is anyone excited for Halloween yet?! I AM!
I came across these awesome Halloween nail polishes by China Glaze.
The thing that caught my attention was the glow in the dark nail polish, which is "ghoulish glow". It sounded really fun to put on my nails and you can layer it on top of other nail polishes. I also seen a swatch of "It's alive" from temptalia's blog post about them and I thought it was gorgeous! It also comes with a black shatter polish called "Black Mesh" and a metallic pumpkin orange polish called "Cross Iron 360". I can't wait to try it!


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